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Tech Pros is the leading business computer repair and computer service company in Middle Tennessee. With our convenient retail location, and our on-site service technicians we provide worry free solutions to both residential and business clients throughout Middle Tennessee. Whether you are in need of a new computer, or you just want to give your old computer that new computer feel, we can help!

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IT Services

With Tech Pros’ Complete Managed Solutions, you get a turnkey full-service IT solution that includes Network Management, Security Management, Desktop Management and much more. Let our professional technicians take care of everything.

PRO Data

Tech Pro’s data recovery services offer the most convenient and cost effective solutions to clients who have experienced data loss. Tech Pros’s state of the art data recovery lab can pull your lost data off of your drive in most cases.

PRO Cloud

Whether you are a small, medium or a large business, Tech Pros has the solution for you. For larger firms that have more needs, this is the perfect solution for you. With our network maintenance agreements, we will analyze your network needs and customize to satisfy all your network issues.


Outsourcing your company’s network management can save your business time and money. With outsourcing, your company can leverage the full potential of its technical assets without the need to employ in-house technicians.

Client Reviews

by Howard on TechPros
Great Job!

David is the MOST knowledgeable technology professional I have ever worked with. Always focused, but down to earth is relaying the technical info to any of our people regardless of the level of knowledge of the...

by Dawn on TechPros
Tech pros handled my need just like their name...pros!

Thank you so much for the support and for doing it speedily! All of us non-tech pros are extremely grateful!!

by Mike K. on TechPros
I would recommend Techpros to anyone who needs IT technical assistance.

I had the best experience I think that could have been possible. Great service and attention to detail !! Incredible patience with nuanced questions.

by Sue R. on TechPros
The quality of service I receive from TechPros is excellent.

The quality of service I receive from TechPros is excellent.

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