Top 10 Best Free Apps


Free Apps that improve quality of life or make it just a little more fun


Lets face it. Most people have their smart phone basically attached to their hip at all times. It is a part of our daily lives for a number of reasons. And by a number of reasons you can refer to the 1 million existing apps in Apple’s app store. Apps have fulfilled us with a multitude of wants and needs such as health, business, social engagements, traveling, games, security, dating and a wide range of other topics.

Aside from the obvious apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Maps, Snapchat, Vine, and Pinterest, here is a list of the top 10 best free apps that you may not of heard of yet.

10. Subway Surfers

This is a game that lets you explore the transit systems of London while collecting prizes. Definitely for those seeking exciting entertainment out of a smart phone.

9. 4 Pics 1 Word

This is another entertainment app, but with more puzzle in it. It is a great game to get your brain moving or make the time pass.

8. Flashlight

Many smartphone owners have a built in flashlight already. However, if you don’t, there is an app for that!

7. Pandora Radio

For music listeners everywhere, Pandora Radio is a great app to have. Their decision to allow 40 hours of free listening per month has attracted many users.

6. Duolingo

This is a great app for those who want to learn another language. It helps users by teaching them both visually and verbally. You are rewarded with points for achievements and experience.

5. Venmo

Venmo allows friends, roommates, family members, or anyone else to pay one another with the swipe of a button. When they are connected to each other through this app they are able to settle debts without paying any fees.

4. Dog Whistler

Useful for any dog owners, this app allows your smartphone to play frequencies for canine training.

3. Jelly

Take a picture of something, ask a question about it, and receive help from fellow Jelly users. Users can ask anything from random location information to personal advice. The answers are bound to be interesting if not informative.

2. Wikitude

Saturday night and you want to explore the city? Use Wikitude, an augmented-reality app that allows you to find information on local bars, restaurants, and other attractions, to make the most of your surroundings.


Need some organization in your life? Sunrise is a new way to use calendars and agendas. It helps you store important dates, appointments, birthdays, and events into one giant calendar.

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