Data Recovery

Losing something is a horrible feeling especially when it’s your hard work and important information. We can sympathize. That’s why we offer convenient and cost effective solutions to clients who have experienced computer data loss.

We help your computer remember

Losing the data on your computer is frustrating and often devastating; but just because your hard drive stops working doesn’t mean you’ve completely lost all of your data. In most cases, Tech Pros’ state of the art data recovery lab can retrieve your lost data from your drive. We know what it feels like to lose that prized photo, that slaved upon project, and all of your stored passwords and it doesn’t feel good. Our compassion, willingness to help, and dependability are what make businesses and consumers choose Tech Pros over other data recovery service providers every day.

Hard Drive Recovery

We offer unrivaled data recovery solutions for all types of hard drives. (IDE, EIDE), Serial ATA (SATA), SCSI, SAS or Fibre Channel–we can handle just about any interface as well as any brand. Whether your hard drive has crashed or has undergone physical damage by power surges, overwriting or viruses, your data is most likely still there and we’re here to recover it!

Desktop System Recovery

Failure to launch? Whether due to a logical failure such as corrupt drive segments or a mechanical failure such as a bad motor, Tech Pros can help rescue your system’s lost data. We know the drill. If the nature of the failure is mechanical, we perform a hard disk recovery in our clean, dust-free lab where we carefully disassemble, test, and restore the disk onto a new disc. If the failure stems from a logical probleml, our data recovery tools can circumvent the bad segments of your drive and pull the uncorrupted data off before any further damage ensues.

Laptop System Recovery

Ah, the ease of portable devices! Laptops, being that they’re so conveniently portable, come in contact with a lot more of the outside world and are therefore more susceptible to physical damage and other problems that result in data loss. Do you hear grinding noises every time you go to boot it up? Is it unresponsive and/or frozen on a blue screen? If so, your system is at risk and should get checked out by one of our top of the line technicians.