Humble beginnings

Tech Pros formed as an IT consulting company in 2006. In 2007, after buying Franklin, Tennesee based AMT\The Computer Doctor, Tech Pros’ business model completely changed. With double the backing power they really got to it, adding many new services to the company’s offerings including in-store computer repair services, on-site computer repair services, data recovery services, and business network maintenance packages just to name a few. In November 2007 Tech Pros opened new doors in historic downtown Franklin, providing customers a convenient location for their computers to be serviced.

Integrity is our principal philosophy

The Tech Pros team works at bringing techy back everyday. 😉 We not only do this with suave, we do it with integrity–our principal philosophy. Tech Pros upholds this philosophy with every customer that walks through the door.

Years of experience

Our staff is equipped with years of experience and committed to the success of your business. We understand that the technology needs of our clients are as unique as their businesses, and our quality mixed with value distinguishes Tech Pros from other technology service companies out there. As your trustworthy computer gurus we’re here to help you and remind you that friends don’t let friends fix computers!

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