Jay is the newest edition to the TechPros family. He grew up right here in Franklin, so he feels right
Windows 10 is arguably the best Windows operating system to be released thus far. It is fast, user friendly, and
Protecting your computer from malware and dealing with an infected computer can be one of the most frustrating problems that
Being in the technology business has its fair share of benefits and troubles. Over the past couple of months, we
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Protect yourself when delving into the free Wi-Fi networks Public Wi-Fi exists in most of our stores, libraries, coffee shops,
Target is not the only one During the latest shopping season, over 70 million customers’ information had been stolen when
What do they do and why Unfortunately, computers can get viruses much in the same way that humans do. Everyone
  Avoiding the dark corners of the Internet The Internet is a melting pot of information, social interaction, entertainment, and
Clear and easy household rules to keep your children safe online If you are worried about the safety of your
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  Factors that affect your speed If you are used to super sonic internet speeds and realize you are slowing
Protect Your Business’s Network Security with Nashville IT Managed Services! When it comes to keeping your business running smoothly, safety
With summer heating up, how can you keep your laptop running cool? Nashville is an exciting city during the summer
Restore your computer system in the event of the unthinkable with data recovery Nashville! Data loss. It’s happened to the
Worried about your children accessing unsafe or inappropriate Internet sites? TechPros, the best in Nashville IT solutions, recommends a “Safe
 Looking for quality computer support that meets you halfway? With Nashville Remote Support you can resolve your problems without leaving
TechPros, the best Nashville computer professionals, help you navigate your way around the new Windows 8! Microsoft has come a
Be on the lookout for emails that look like bills for domain name renewal and read them carefully as chances
We were a little hesitant to make predictions since, well, forecasting the future is a rather risky endeavor but it
As people are finally starting to come to terms with the importance of data backup and cloud based programs, we
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Today we're going to talk about Apple--the innovator of seemingly cutting edge cool technology worldwide. Let's face it, consumers are
Nowadays the majority of people in the market for a computer are springing for a laptop or tablet. As part
You’ve probably forgotten to save an important file before but imagine if your website vanished overnight or you lost your
While the economy is still struggling to bounce back to a healthy state, many companies continue to hold their checkbooks
It used to be that people who had been at their 9 to 5 desk jobs for years were the
Wi-Fi is basically like a special access card that allows people to exchange data across the virtual marketplace at a
Why go virtual? If you’re a small business looking to cut costs, the question is why not? After all, a
You’re in the middle of a project when all of a sudden your computer sounds like it’s getting ready for
Microsoft announced on Monday during its annual Worldwide Partner Conference that its next-generation Windows 8 operating system will launch this
In an economy that is still slowly struggling to rise back to financial stability, people continue to be extra mindful
We understand your overwhelming need to be connected at all hours of the day but just like you, your devices
David Molteni...there's just so much to say about this guy. Not only is he insanely knowledgeable about all things technology
Spreading rapidly across Iran and other parts of the Middle East, is a computer virus deemed by experts to be
Are you in need of virus removal? We're virus cleanup experts! Whether it’s a case of mild allergies, an excruciating
I think it’s safe to say we’ve scared you into backing your data up for life, but what’s the best
Techies can’t drive this home enough but, trust us, this advice you really should take to heart… if for no