Why IT is important and Why Should Companies Have an IT Budget?


While the economy is still struggling to bounce back to a healthy state, many companies continue to hold their checkbooks at bay, their IT budget consequently falling by the wayside. As technology professionals, we are well aware of the expenses associated with information security and technology. However, we are also cognizant of the many security threats that exist out there in the vast cyberspace. Every company houses important information–data that if it falls into the wrong hands, gets misplaced, or lost can be detrimental to the success of the organization as a whole.

No matter the size, all companies have intellectual property and there are cybercriminals lurking out there who know exactly how to get any prized data that may lack protection. There are many ways they go about accessing such data–some industries are specifically targeted but most victims of data breach are found by hackers. All it takes is one employee to take their laptop home or to an internet cafe, become infected with a virus, and then infect the entire corporate network upon his or her return to work. Despite the widespread threats across the globe, many companies–especially small non-profits–do not plan for an IT budget. We don’t think that’s a wise idea.

Though security is a key proponent of IT management services, there are many other advantages to having an IT budget.  

Data Management and Backup
With multiple files to keep track of, it can be very easy to lose your data internally–whether because someone didn’t save a file correctly or in the unfortunate event that your system gets wiped out. That’s why it’s so important to backup all of your files to an external server. IT specialists can create electronic storage systems to help you organize your files and protect your company’s valuable data. Not to mention they’re there to provide full support and take care of trouble-shooting when network issues arise.

Increased Efficiency
Information technology helps organizations work more efficiently and maximize their productivity. Today, with people assuming positions that require them to wear many different hats, what employee isn’t looking for ways to get more work done in a shorter amount of time? IT provides a solution to improving your company’s efficiency by developing automated processes that give employees the freedom to work on other tasks while the computer takes care of running their reports, tracking projects, creating queries, and monitoring all financials.


Greater Flexibility and Improved Communication
IT systems also grant employees the ability to work remotely, allowing them to get work done anywhere at any time by using a password to access the company’s electronic network. Better communication is another added benefit of having an IT budget. Email, video conferencing, and call features can be set up so that all employees have an integrated, efficient system for conducting business. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can also be put in place to help companies improve upon the way they design and manage customer relationships, not only boosting their internal productivity but providing their customers with a better, more focused experience.


If you are a small to medium-sized business, an IT budget is something that you should always account for. Through the end of September, we’re offering a 2 hour on-site assessment of your IT Network at NO COST for any qualifying business with between 5 and 50 workstations. Whether you’re concerned with data protection, data loss or are just looking to improve your company’s workflow, contact us today at 615.595.6399 to schedule a comprehensive IT Network Assessment with one of our pros!