Beware of Free Public Wi-Fi

Protect yourself when delving into the free Wi-Fi networks


Public Wi-Fi exists in most of our stores, libraries, coffee shops, airports, and public transportation areas that we visit daily. Since the general public has access to this convenience from day to day, then so do criminals. If you decide to use public Wi-Fi, keep your guard up at all times. The main rule to beware of free public Wi-Fi networks is to never make financial transactions, use credit cards, or shop at all. Online shoppers in public networks are easy targets for hackers.

Kevin Clark, an expert in cybercrime has said, “Public Wi-Fi is inherently unsecure. Anyone using it ought to do so with the premise that everything you do is visible to a third-party stranger with access to that hot spot…the chances of you being hacked far exceeds the chances of your home being burglarized. This is a big business.”

If you have the option, choose the Wi-Fi that is at least protected by a password. The most dangerous Wi-Fi is the open to all, no password needed, networks. However, they are so attractive for their convenience. Awareness is the key to preventing attacks and theft on your computer.

To become more aware of such crimes,