Traveling with Technology

Stay savvy, stay safe


When you are traveling this summer, consider a few safety precautions for your electronics to be a necessity. There are the basic rules for safe traveling with technology, and then there are a few that you may not have been aware of. These precautions are not strenuous, and they can save loads of potential trouble in the future.

 The basics:

Before leaving, make sure you have all the correct cords and accessories you need then store them in luggage that will protect them from water and denting.  Travelers should always remember not to leave them in places where they can be stolen. Make sure your electronics are locked up in your hotel room or car if you are away from them. Also, your devices are more likely to get knocked around or dropped while your traveling, so put a protective case on them. One more basic precaution that you should follow no matter what is back up your data. Make sure you have any important information stored somewhere else just in case your technology does get damaged, lost, or stolen.

Now that we have covered the basics, here are a few extra habits that travelers need to know:

First, familiarize yourself with your mobile’s roaming and data charges, especially if you are going to be away for a long period of time. There are ways to minimize costs, such as setting a limit to your data usage or turning it off. You can contact your mobile provider for further information.

If you need a laptop during your travels, it is best to bring one with no PII (personally identifiable information) on it. There are places that rent out laptops specifically for this reason, but if you prefer to bring your own, you can encrypt it. However, if you are traveling out of the U.S, research the policies of bringing encrypted information into a country. Some areas heavily regulate or restrict encrypted laptops.

Setting a strong password is a great rule for any device as well as ensuring any anti-virus software is up to date. There is also software you can download to track devices that have been stolen or lost. ­