Remote Support

Convenient remote computer support service. If you are like most people finding the time to bring your computer into the repair shop, or waiting on a time that fits your schedule for a tech to come out is too much of a hassle. Tech Pros eliminates this hassle by providing remote computer support. As long as you have an internet connection, follow the steps below and Tech Pros will get you going quickly.

Getting Started Scheduling your Remote Session

1 Schedule Remote Session
Call TechPros at 615-651-6879 to schedule your remote session. (Same day service may or may not be available.)
2 TechPros will call at time of remote session
During the time of your session, a TechPros support team member will generate your PIN.
3 Enter 4-digit PIN
Type in your 4-digit PIN code HERE at time of remote.
4 You’re done, sit back and relax
Let the TechPros technician walk you through the final connection process and we will get to work on troubleshooting and correcting your computer problems.