Online Safety for Children

Clear and easy household rules to keep your children safe online


If you are worried about the safety of your children when they are on the computer, there are many options to help minimize risk of unsafe or suspicious online behavior. Utilizing parental controls and safeguarding programs helps, but educating your child about online dangers will encourage them to develop safe habits. Also, clearly written rules can benefit every family member and provide an established boundary.

Educate your children to increase safe online habits. Make sure they know what personal information is and why they should not give it out. If they use email or online chat rooms, make sure they realize it is dangerous to meet someone they ‘know’ through the internet regardless of how long they have been in touch. Educate them about online scams and make sure they know to inform you of potentially dangerous or threatening emails.

Stay aware of what your children do online as well. Occasionally, visit their favorite websites to check that they are appropriate. It also helps to be aware of who they chat with and why. It will be easier for you to recognize if your child starts demonstrating suspicious, uncomfortable, or unusual behaviors online. Communication goes a long way when it comes to developing healthy online safety for children, especially when honest two way communication is encouraged.