Windows 8 OS Touch Interface

 Is Windows 8 OS worth the upgrade?


In the tech world, tables are turning towards tablets and smartphones and software is adapting accordingly.  With the launch of the new Windows 8 Operating System it appears as though Microsoft is following right in line, taking a more mobile approach to its interface design.

Designed to run on both PCs and tablet computers, the new Windows 8 touch-enabled interface is Microsoft’s attempt to bridge the gap between the full-on laptop/desktop experience and the mobility of the tablet. From a visual perspective, the new interface is mouth-watering and some reports have found that Windows 8 does speed up the performance of your system. However, the big drawback is that in order for the operating system to reach its full potential it actually requires a touch screen device.

As it is, the whole notion of operating using touch over keyboard takes a good deal of time to get used to and without a touch display can be downright frustrating–something you should definitely take into account before upgrading. In fact, it takes a touch-based gesture and 3 additional clicks in order to simply shut the operating system down. With that being said, unless you already have a touch display or are in the market to splurge on a whole new system, upgrading to Windows 8 Operating System is probably not worth your time because it will likely hinder rather than enhance your productivity.

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