Nashville IT solutions: Parental Internet Control

Worried about your children accessing unsafe or inappropriate Internet sites? TechPros, the best in Nashville IT solutions, recommends a “Safe Eyes” solution for protecting your kids from harmful online influences.


We’re always fiddling with our technological gadgets these day–checking emails, checking in, snapping photos and spiffing them up with cool filters, scrolling through the latest stories featured on our virtual newsstands, social media and blog feeds. You name it, it’s available for our viewing pleasure through a small lit “smart” screen at the palms of our hands or widely displayed before us on our desktop computers. Whether you’re killing time waiting to be called at the doctors office or just want to catch up on the world while commuting to work, there’s never a dull moment to be had. With so many media sources at our fingertips–so much interesting information and hilarious and engaging entertainment, boredom is pretty much out of the question. From random YouTube videos to a wide array of games like the ever popular Angry Birds, Paper Toss, and Doodle Jump, it’s no wonder kids are taking such keen interest to the digital platform. Mom, dad, even grandma and grandpa are thumbing, clicking and scrolling and naturally those curious little tykes want in on all of the action.

In many ways all this technology is a blessing to parents because it keeps their kids engaged while they are busy attending to the demands of adult life. But the fact is while they are keeping fascinatedly busy versing themselves in the digital world, these young impressionable minds are also gaining the ability to access a whole realm of media that goes way beyond their maturity level and understanding, material that if stumbled upon could have a very negative effect on their psychological development. As your best source for Nashville IT solutions, we look out for each and every one of our customers and strive to meet their concerns. Many of us have children of our own and therefore understand that some things are not meant for young eyes, no matter how curious they may be. And even for those who aren’t so curious, just one wrong click and their innocent eyes can find themselves exposed to a wide array of questionable content.

Unfortunately when surfing such a vast search engine you get the good with the bad and both results are equally as easy to find. In fact, studies have shown that more than half of all children who use the Internet are exposed to pornography in their own homes. So how can we let our kids enjoy and benefit from all of the great online programs and resources while shielding them from sites that feature tasteless material containing nudity, violence, etc.? The answer is “Safe Eyes”, one of the highest recommended parental internet filtering softwares by Nashville IT solutions professionals and computer specialists nationwide.

Safe Eyes works to reduce the overwhelming concerns parents have regarding their child’s exposure to the internet by allowing them to pick and choose which sites their children have access to. With a yearly subscription to this web-based software, parents can monitor internet use in their home on up to 3 computers by creating separate user accounts and programming each to have their own customized set of limitations. Parents can choose topically which types of sites to filter overall and can then hone down and identify specific sites that they deem permissible to their child’s use. They can opt to block social networking sites and YouTube all together and allow access to only certain educational sites, or they can give their children a little more leeway and keep close tabs on their activity through the “internet usage report” which they can access remotely. By giving each user their own customized tier of protection, Safe Eyes provides the right balance of security and usability for every member of the family–not a bad system if you ask our Nashville IT solutions professionals!

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