Computer Repair Nashville: Keeping That Laptop Cool


With summer heating up, how can you keep your laptop running cool?

Nashville is an exciting city during the summer months, but for those who use laptops, the heat can be overwhelming! Especially if you are working with a deadline, computer overheating issues can become a major inconvenience. While laptops one up desktops in terms of portability, the downside is they run hot. So what can you do to evade the heat and keep your devices running cool? To save you a trip to computer repair Nashville, here are the 5 S’s to keep your laptop from generating summertime temperatures:

1. Settings

Changing your laptop’s settings from high performance to power save mode will keep your device from overheating in that it doesn’t use as much electricity. Toning down the power will allow your laptop to operate more efficiently and stay cooler longer. Along with changing your computer’s performance mode, maintaining a clean laptop helps to ensure the system runs smoothly. Got dust? Even if you can’t see it, it’s there. Dust tends to collect and hideout in small spaces so be sure to clean it out from time to time with a little compressed air.

2. Surface

As tempting as it is, setting your laptop on your lap or on a cushioned surface makes cooling down your machine more difficult as these surfaces don’t allow for the breathing room it needs to release any built up temperature. Setting your laptop on a flat, hard top lets it remove heat as it was designed to. For those who use their laptops for long periods of time, investing in a cooling pad can prove to be beneficial as well.

3. Surroundings

Sitting in an office on a beautiful day will make anyone feverish for some sunshine and fresh air, but beware when venturing outside with your work. Taking your laptop into the sun and un-air-conditioned environment will naturally cause your laptop’s temperature to rise drastically. Though it is best to keep your devices inside in the cooler atmosphere, if you must be outside, choose to work in the shade and be mindful of your laptop’s temperature.

4. Slow Down

Using programs that require a lot of your laptop’s central processing unit makes your laptop produce more heat, too. To keep the heat at bay and to avoid setting those fans a-whirlin’, try to avoid such programs and refrain from overworking your system by running too many programs or windows at once.

5. Storage

As simple as it may be, keeping your devices in a cool location when you aren’t using them can help, too. For example, putting your laptop in the trunk of your car for hours on a summer day is an absolute no-no as it can cause internal heat damage.

Should these techniques not relieve your overheating problems, TechPros, the best in computer repair Nashville, can evaluate your device and help you reach a solution. Whatever your technology needs, our trained IT consultants are happy to assist you! So contact us today (615) 595-6399 and get your laptop back to running at its best!