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Technology Time Saving Tips


Tips for time convienience


Parents, managers, teachers, travelers, students, and other busy bees could always use an extra few minutes for leisure in their day. That is why everyone should get to know their technology a little better for the sake of saving time. Technology can sometimes be frustrating, but there is no denying the convenience it adds to our lives. David Pogue, a well-known tech columnist, talks about many technology time saving tips that we could be using daily.

Here are a few he may have mentioned along with a few extras:

  • If you own a Mac, use the Hot Keys!

Space and Shift+Space allow you to scroll up and down a page. Command – and Command + allow you to zoom in and out of a page, Command E allows you to eject, Command-Tab and Command-Shift-Tab allows you to move forward or backward through a list of open applications, Command C allows you to copy, and Command V allows you to paste. There are shortcuts to last for days, but becoming fluent with most of the hot keys saves loads of time.

  • Skip the voicemail instructions on your phone!

After calling someone and you need to leave a message, skip the voicemail instructions! The redundant voicemail instructions are actually avoidable. However, it is different for each service provider. Verizon is the * key, AT&T and T-Mobile is the # key, and Sprint is the I key.

  • Type and edit your words faster!

Rereading pages you have already typed can be meticulous, but when you need to select a word, just double click it and it will highlight it for you. Triple click it if you want the entire paragraph highlighted. If you want to completely change your highlighted selection, don’t delete it, just type over it.

  • Take a picture clearly the first time!

As you are framing that perfect shot, hold the button down half way. This allows the camera to pre-focus instead of it trying to focus after the subject has moved.

To learn more cool time saving tips visit or view this link to watch David Pogue’s entertaining and informative video.

10 Apps Worth the Price


Apps under five dollars that are worth the price


Many people aren’t willing to spend a couple bucks on an app when there are so many others that are free. However, here is a list of 10 apps under five dollars that are worth the price tag.

10. CamDictionary  $4.99

Consider this app to be a must when traveling to a foreign location. CamDictionary translates languages when you hover your camera over any text. It also translates verbal languages.

9.  Dark Sky  $3.99

Unlike any other weather app, Dark Sky is able to predict weather down to the very minute. It also displays real-time radar emissions and sends notifications of rain or storms in your location.

8. Last Time $1.99

This is a great app for the forgetful and busy, or anyone striving to be more organized. It is a reminder app that keeps track of your ‘to dos’ and records past endeavors for you to revisit if necessary.

7. Sleep Time $1.99

This app detects movement during sleep while providing a soundscape to encourage quality sleep. It also awakens you during the correct sleep cycle so you will wake feeling more refreshed than ever.

6. Zombies, Run! $3.99

This app improves health and fitness through a narrative story game. The pedometer turns your every step into the journey, rewarding you with points and achievements when you escape the biters.

5. Bodyweight Training: You Are Your Own Gym $2.99

Need a personal trainer? Try this app to get in tiptop shape with over 200 exercises and 2 minutes of your time.

4. Star Walk $2.99

Explore the planets and constellations in real-time while your out at night. Star Walk allows you to track movements, patterns, and alignments with a very informative augmented-reality experience.

3. Reeder 2 $4.99

Stay up to date with the latest news and happenings of the world. It streams content from a vast array of sources and allows you to share or save it to read later.

2. Haze $2.99

Add some charisma to your weather forecast with Haze. This app combines fluid animations, trippy audiovisuals, and informative weather conditions all at the same time.

1.Afterlight $0.99

For the photographers out there, Afterlight is a useful tool for editing the perfect image. Create the look and feel you desire with simple to use tools.

How Fast is Your Internet?


Factors that affect your speed


If you are used to super sonic internet speeds and realize you are slowing gauging down to snail internet speeds, try a few of these options to improve quality.

Just check these off your list!

  1. Clear out temporary files and Cookies. Any unnecessary space and memory being taken up should be cleared.
  2. If possible, reduce the number of applications that are running at the same time.
  3. Check the condition of your wires connecting to your computer.
  4. If the website is congested, it will slow down your speed. Try other websites or pathways that could work faster until the congestion decreases.
  5. Check to see if you are due for any upgrades or updates. Older or outdated programs are bound to run slower than the newer ones.
  6. One of the more obvious solutions, but often skipped, is to restart your computer once in a while!
  7. Try and change browsers. If any are smothered by excess toolbars, they have the potential to run slower.
  8. Make sure you test your computer for viruses regularly. They slow down computers, if not do worse.

Unfortunately, there are many factors that affect Internet speed that are outside of our control. However small the difference, these 8 procedures can improve the portions we can control. The next time you wonder just how fast is your internet, try these first.